Are you a Seller

Bhumiz is a collaborative platform where we aspire to market and sell products made from recycled plastic.

Through our initiative. we will bring together manufacturers like you under one roof by offering you online visibility. In the process, we will market your products and will bring you more orders

Our Objective

We at Bhumiz aim to bring a change in how customers consume plastic. Our actions are in the direction to create awareness about consumer products made from recycled plastic and promote them with our consistent efforts.

What’s in it for

Our vision is strong- ‘to create sustainable living and we know you aspire to do the same. Then why do it alone?

What do we offer?
  1. Listing your products on our platforms- especially dedicated towards your niche.
  2. Promote your products on our social media handles
  3. Providing your brand with a better reach. This will increase your digital touchpoints and boost customers' trust in you.
  4. Making you closer to your customers. While you may reach your customers with your present model, we’ll help you boost that reach.
  5. Develop a chain of Word of Mouth for your business.

Yes, all that will not happen in one day, but let’s start somewhere.

How will we do it?

We’ll publish your products on our social media handles and website. The orders received over there will be shared with you in a timely manner.

You may fulfil the orders as per your criteria. And we’ll continue promoting your products more.

So, are you required to do something extra?

Absolutely Nothing!

Just provide us with your company profile, product details (name, description, size, weight, price, guarantee, warranty, return policy) and some of the best pictures of your products