What impact are you making by using recycled plastic products

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People ask us why they should buy our products? Most of them are unaware of the positive impact of such a simple step in helping curb plastic pollution. Let's delve deeper into understanding how it affects our environment. .

Using recycled plastic means giving discarded plastic polluting our soil and oceans a new lease on life. Even the methods of recycling it are more energy efficient. One tonne of plastic recycled saves 5,774 kWh of electricity. That's more than enough energy to charge a Tesla battery 100 times! Recycled plastics make a difference. Recycling and other alternatives to landfilling plastics, such as conservation and composting, have a beneficial economic impact because they provide far more jobs than landfills.

We save more than just materials when using recycled plastics to produce new plastic products. We can cut our energy consumption by 66%. Furthermore, recycling one tonne of plastic saves 1,000–2,000 gallons of gasoline. Our collective recycling efforts significantly affect consumers recycling plastic bottles to businesses employing recovered plastics in their goods. The more we recycle, the better our influence. Only a small percentage of recovered plastic bottles are reused as plastic bottles. They're more commonly employed to produce automobile parts, clothing, shoes, pencils, and other items.

Some of the other proven benefits of recycling are:
There are more than a million of population that die without having a sufficient clothing to warm themselves in chilled winter. The most you can do is help those people. Become a human in this ‘being ignorant human’ world. Resell your old clothing to them. Or re-wear them, now even celebrities have started crafting their old clothes into a gigantic fashion trend.

Reliance on fossil fuels is dwindling- When 1 tonne of plastic is recycled, 16.3 barrels of oil are saved, assisting in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
There will be fewer landfills, and the waters will be cleaner. Using plastic that already exists in our natural surroundings is a fantastic way to cut pollution.
Reduced use of natural resources and less energy usage- Compared to products made from recycled plastic, manufacturing plastic from scratch takes a lot more energy. The energy saved can be put to better use in other areas of the economy. In addition, the manufacturing process necessitates the use of raw materials like water, petroleum, natural gas, and coal. As a result, plastic recycling conserves natural resources. For example, petroleum, which is essential for manufacturing new plastic products, can be decreased by recycling discarded and old plastic garbage by up to 40%.
Reduces Pollution Across Ecosystems- Greenhouse gases are a significant contributor to rising pollution levels in our environment. They are the main force behind climate change, a critical issue that the entire world is attempting to address today. Petroleum is burned in the production of plastics, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of recycling plastic rather than creating it from scratch, dangerous greenhouse gas emissions are reduced indirectly.
Plastic garbage is responsible for the death of thousands of animals on land, in water, and in the sea due to ingestion and poisoning of land, water, and soil with hazardous chemicals. Plastic recycling reduces the amount of plastic garbage produced. As a result, pollution is reduced, and many vital animal species to the food chain are saved.
Recycling provides items a second life, conserves resources and energy, and aids in the preservation of the environment's health.
Recycling is becoming increasingly crucial in reducing packaging waste and overall solid waste levels. When you know how your little shift to a sustainable shopping habit can help make our environment cleaner, visit Bhumiz.com for your first step!


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